Aims and Scope

The aim and scope of the Global International Research Thoughts journal, as indicated by its thematic focus on Special Education, is to provide a rigorous and scholarly platform for the dissemination of research findings, theoretical developments, and applied practices within the field of special education. This journal seeks to:

Promote Innovative Research: Encourage the submission of innovative research studies, theoretical frameworks, and methodological advancements in special education, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of the unique educational needs of individuals with disabilities.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Embrace an interdisciplinary approach by inviting contributions from a wide range of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, health sciences, and policy studies, reflecting the multifaceted nature of special education.

Global Perspective: Highlight research and practices that address the global challenges and opportunities in special education, aiming to share knowledge and strategies that are effective across diverse cultural, social, and educational contexts.

Inclusive Education Practices: Focus on inclusive education practices, strategies for effective integration of students with special needs into mainstream educational settings, and the development of supportive learning environments.

Technology and Innovation: Explore the role of technology and innovative solutions in enhancing learning outcomes and accessibility for individuals with special educational needs, including adaptive technologies and digital learning tools.

Policy and Advocacy: Analyze policy developments, advocacy efforts, and legislative changes affecting special education at both national and international levels, aiming to inform and influence policy-making processes.

Professional Development: Serve as a resource for educators, practitioners, policymakers, and researchers seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in special education, promoting professional development through evidence-based practices.

Community and Family Engagement: Encourage research and discussion on the role of families and communities in supporting the educational and developmental needs of individuals with disabilities, emphasizing collaborative approaches and partnership models.

By focusing on these areas, "Global International Research Thoughts" aims to contribute significantly to the field of special education, supporting the advancement of knowledge, the sharing of best practices, and the fostering of a more inclusive and effective educational landscape for individuals with special needs.