Article Processing Charges

Global International Research Thoughts (GIRT) publishes all of its journals in full open access, which means that articles can be used and reused by anyone, as long as the authors are credited. All of our articles are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
A one-time Article Processing Charge (APC) is paid by authors to cover the costs of peer review administration and management, professional production of articles in PDF and other formats, and spreading published papers in different places, among other publishing tasks. Please keep in mind that you can still make an advance payment, but that does not mean that your manuscript will be accepted. There are no fees for articles that are rejected, no fees for submitting them, and no extra fees based on how long an article is, how many figures it has, or what other information it has. Some things are published for free (Editorials, Corrections, Addendums, Retractions, Comments, etc.).

Discounts and waivers
Up to 35% of GIRT’s content fee is waived every year. APCs are usually waived and cross-subsidized from fields with more APC funding where authors don't have enough money to pay for them. From case to case, waivers or discounts may be given to authors from low- and middle-income countries. The Managing Editor decides whether or not to accept an article based on how good the research article is and how much the authors can pay. The publisher can be reached at by authors.
Waivers may be given at the Publisher's discretion, and they should be talked about with the editorial office when the article is sent in. Editorial decisions are not based on whether or not the authors can pay the Processing Charges. However, authors should think ahead of time about whether or not they have enough money to pay the full APC. The publisher can be reached at by authors.

Article Processing Charges
The APC by journal is given in the table below.
For India:                                    INR 4,000/-
For South Asian Countries:     $ 100
For Rest of the World:             $ 200
APCs are payable within 7 to 10 business days. 
Soon after a paper is accepted, an invoice is sent to the author's payment contact. Only invoices that come from Shodh Sagar are valid. We do not give permission to anyone else to get the APCs. Shodh Sagar is the only service provider, so it can't be blamed for what other people do.

Payment through Wire transfer:
A/C Name (payable to):  
                             Shodh Sagar
Account no:                                                     2221255844079949
Name of the Bank:                                        AU Small Finance Bank
Branch :                                                            Shalimar Bagh Delhi
IFSC No:                                                            AUBL0002558

Payment through UPI/Online Payments:
For online payment you can also use Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm & UPI on the number (+91-9812052026)
UPI - shodhsagar@aubank