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Welcome to Global International Research Thoughts (GIRT), your trusted source of cutting-edge research in the field of special education for all kinds of disabilities. We understand the importance of academic libraries in facilitating research and learning, and we are pleased to offer a subscription plan that provides hard copies of our journal for your institution's collection.

Why Subscribe to GIRT for Your Library?
Comprehensive Coverage:
GIRT covers a wide range of topics related to special education, offering a diverse collection of research papers, reviews, and scholarly articles. It's a valuable addition to your library's resources.
High-Quality Content: Our journal maintains rigorous editorial standards, ensuring that the content you receive is of the highest quality and credibility. It's a trusted source for researchers, faculty, and students.
Archival Value: By subscribing to GIRT, your library gains access to a wealth of knowledge with lasting archival value. Our hard copies provide a tangible record of academic research and advancements in special education.
Supporting Education: Your subscription not only benefits your institution but also contributes to the global dissemination of knowledge in the field of special education. It aligns with our mission of promoting inclusivity in education.

How to Subscribe for Hard Copies:
Subscribing to GIRT for hard copies is a straightforward process:
Contact Us: Reach out to our subscription team at to express your interest in receiving hard copies of GIRT.
Subscription Plan: Our team will provide you with subscription options and pricing details. You can select the plan that suits your library's needs.
Delivery Information: Provide your library's shipping address and any specific delivery preferences you may have.
Payment: Complete the subscription process by making the necessary payment based on your selected plan.
Receive Hard Copies: Once your subscription is confirmed, your library will start receiving hard copies of GIRT on a regular basis.

Subscription Plans (charges in INR):
1 Year:            3000/-
2 Years:          5500/-
5 Years:          10,000/-

Payment through Wire transfer:
A/C Name (payable to):                             Shodh Sagar
Account no:                                                   2221255844079949
Name of the Bank:                                      AU Small Finance Bank
Branch :                                                          Shalimar Bagh Delhi
IFSC No:                                                          AUBL0002558

Payment through UPI/Online Payments:
For online payment you can also use Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm & UPI on the number (+91-9812052026)
UPI - shodhsagar@aubank

Join us in Advancing Special Education:
By subscribing to GIRT for your library, you not only enhance your institution's research resources but also support the dissemination of knowledge in special education. We are committed to serving academic libraries and providing valuable resources for researchers, educators, and students.

For any inquiries or to begin your subscription, please contact our subscription team at Thank you for your dedication to academic excellence and inclusive education.

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